Service system

Rikon production process applied German and Italian automatic equipments for production among all over Chinese suppliers. You could find most of the major production machines as below presentation. Rikon not just simply assembling components but also take in the technique practically and make it perfect.


· Italian Cannon Automatic Foaming System

· German Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Pump System

· Anpose Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester

· Siemens Automatic Refrigerant Charging System

· German Inficon Automatic Leakage Detecting System

· Performance & Aging Testing Line


In addition, Rikon own one independent laboratory which comply with international standard, it is able to simulate each component’s working status under various extreme condition (-5 to 45). Equipped with these professional facilities, Rikon can ensure the products are in a high level of quality and precision.


· Automatic Drop Testing Device

· Vibration of Transportation Testing Machine

· Ball-bearing Slide Lifecycle Testing Device